TAFTO 2009 Contribution: Giancarlo Guerrero

Now that we have a good idea of what makes classical music special and the importance of non-musical elements on the overall concert experience along with taking an amusing look at concertgoing stereotypes, it is time to hear from an artistic leader at an organization that has been successfully putting all of this into practice. Nashville Symphony music director, Giancarlo Guerrero, shares some recent experiences interacting with new and potential patrons in Music City, USA…

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TAFTO 2009 Contribution: Molly Sheridan

If we could see tomorrow’s audience today, I hope it looks like Molly Sheridan. The new cultural countess of cool is always charming, infinitely intriguing, and – most importantly – never dull. Being the new media maven she is, Molly wasn’t content with writing something for this year’s Take A Friend To Orchestra (TAFTO) event; instead, she recorded a wonderfully satirical take on everything you need to know about the modern concertgoing experience…

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TAFTO 2009 Contribution: Janelle Gelfand

Now that we know what makes classical music so valuable, it is time to examine the other elements that can make or break a concert event. Fortunately for us, Cincinnati Enquirer music critic Janelle Gelfand has taken the time to create a contribution that does exactly that. What’s more, her contribution presents solid evidence pointing to the long term value of Take A Friend To Orchestra (TAFTO) and its impact on not only audience development but retention…

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TAFTO 2009 Contribution: Matthew Guerrieri

Just when you think Take A Friend To Orchestra (TAFTO) creativity has reached terminal velocity, a contributor comes along to remind us otherwise. Case in point, Soho The Dog’s Matthew Guerrieri whose contribution reminds us what makes classical music so valuable in the first place. What’s more, he sums up what would normally take hours to discuss in merely 28 cartoon panels (that’s right, it’s one of Matt’s legendary cartoons!) All of the sudden, the economic downturn doesn’t seem so daunting…

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Things That Make you Go “Buh?” Brooklyn Phil

The 4/14/2009 edition of The Brooklyn Paper published an article by Mike McLaughlin that reports composer Nathan Currier is suing the Brooklyn Philharmonic for making him cut sections of his piece, Gaian Variations, during the 2004 world premiere. According to the article, then Brooklyn Phil Executive Director, Catherine Cahill, approached Currier during the concert-length performance’s second of two intermissions to talk about overtime issues related to the work’s length… The article …

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