Things That Make You Go Buh?!? Conservatories Getting Into The Artist Management Racket

At first, I thought it might be a joke but sure enough, Norman Lebrecht’s post from 7/20/21 about Curtis Institute going into the artist management business is entirely legit. I still have nothing but unanswered questions about the San Francisco Conservatory acquiring Opus 3 Artists as some sort of value add for students and now Curtis is apparently getting into the game. On the surface, these decisions scream “bad idea.” But …

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Things That Make You Go Buh?!? “white art audience”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one so let’s just jump into it. The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields engaged PR crisis management mode over the weekend after a job description for a new director including a qualification that the candidate would work to attract a more diverse audience while maintaining its “traditional, core, white art audience.” It didn’t take long for that gem to get picked …

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#TBT Things That Make You Go Buh?!? Higher Education

Adaptistration People 149

Just when you think higher education can’t get any screwier than it already is, someone comes along with a hold my beer moment. Case in point, this article by Nell Gluckman in the 4/24/18 edition of that examines an effort by the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to recruit unpaid adjunct faculty. Of course, they didn’t call it unpaid. Why do that when there’s perfectly good jargon to unbox (emphasis …

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Things That Make You Go Buh?!? When A Conductor Tells Children There Is No Santa Clause

No Santa

Sometimes, patrons leave a concert early to get at the front of the parking rush. It’s a reality of live events and yes, it can be frustrating for both fellow patrons and performers. But why on earth a conductor would be so offended as to retaliate by telling children there is no Santa Clause during a winter family show is stupefying. Nonetheless, that’s precisely what happened per multiple reports when conductor Giacomo …

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Just In Case You Forgot How Deep Of A Public Perception Hole We’re In


If anyone ever wondered whether or not the orchestra field has a history of projecting an elitist image where the self-ordained curators of “greatest art” are comprised of a bunch of pompous asses, might I direct your attention to an article by Mariella Moon in the 9/17/2014 edition of that examines a brand new social network called Netropolitan that is designed expressly for the one percent crowd. What makes this …

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