#TBT Things That Make You Go Buh?!? Higher Education

Just when you think higher education can’t get any screwier than it already is, someone comes along with a hold my beer moment.

Case in point, this article by Nell Gluckman in the 4/24/18 edition of chronicle.com that examines an effort by the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to recruit unpaid adjunct faculty.

Of course, they didn’t call it unpaid. Why do that when there’s perfectly good jargon to unbox (emphasis added):

In an email to department chairs, Michael R. Molino, associate dean for research, budget, and personnel, asked for help in finding alumni with terminal degrees who would apply “to join the SIU Graduate Faculty in a zero-time (adjunct) status.”

Congratulations, you’re not homeless, you’re a zero-time renter/homeowner.

Wow. Just, wow.

On the bright side, at least all those music performance DMA students can look forward to having something to occupy their days until they win an audition (too soon?).

Is it any wonder that two of the last three April Fools posts drew from very real developments in higher education?

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