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I am excited to to officially announce, the fully integrated ticketing CRM platform arts and culture organizations deserve, is launched! Our cloud platform solution unites your website, CRM, ticketing, fundraising, marketing, and a full range of digital commerce and customer service to provide a platform that is far more than the sum of its parts.

When starting out on this endeavor, the goal was simple: improve constituent relationships to grow your revenue. UpStage helps arts and culture orgs stay connected to patrons, streamline processes, and improve profitability using a modern platform that brings all your mission critical needs together in a single platform.


Built from the ground up using Amazon Web Service (AWS) DynamoDB, UpStage delivers far more features than you can get from traditional ticketing CRMs built on older technologies.

Business Intelligence: UpStage provides the tools you need to analyze current and historical data, with the objective of improving strategic decision-making and providing a competitive advantage.
CRM: Experience the ease, security, and reliability of working with UpStage CRM. All you have to do is log in to access everything you need to create, publish, and manage.
Event Ticketing: UpStage is the first CRM designed from the ground up to handle reserved seating and general admission ticketing for in-person, virtual, streaming, and hybrid events; all from a mobile-first design platform.
Fundraising: Modern tools to plan, execute, and track anything from single campaigns to complex fundraising goals.
Marketing: It’s never been easier to send the right message to the right segments at the right time.
Memberships & Benefits: Increase engagement, boost revenue, and offer benefits patrons want.
Patron Portal: Personalizing the patron experience is a key element of creating long term relationships. UpStage provides an unparrelled user experience that provides patrons with the information they need in a mobile first design.
Processing Payments: A secure payments platform, designed for flexibility and growth.
Support: Tired of hearing “read the instructions” in response to your help requests or ticket-based support that takes forever to reply? Then you’re going to love our unlimited training and customized instructions for each and every support inquiry.
Ticket Scanning & Redemption: Quick, fast, and reliable ticket scanning with access to real-time sales and redemption data.
Virtual & Streaming Events: Easy to use. Stunning to experience. UpStage provides unmatched flexibility and ease when offering virtual events.
Website: No need to pay a web developer to integrate our system because we are the web developer! Everything already works together saving you big $ on your budget.

Who’s UpStage For?

I have no doubt each and every one of UpStage’s users will be different and unique. That’s why we created it to be flexible to the needs of such a diverse collection of Arts & Culture organizations.

In addition to traditional groups in the theatre, performing arts center, orchestra, opera, chorus, festival, museum, and gardens sectors we’ve taken the time to make the platform accommodate the needs of emerging sectors such as experiences and clubs.

Having said that, one aspect I’m enormously proud of is the amount of time and effort we devoted to user testing groups, so it’s fair to say UpStage is designed for patrons as much as it is designed for organizations. Visit the Event Ticketing page to learn more about that work and which I firmly believe our user testing led us to a ticket reservation interface that provides the most advanced and intuitive user experience available.

About UpStage

While our formal company description, “UpStage Technologies is a company that builds cutting edge CRM, ticketing, and website software designed especially for arts and culture organizations” sums up things on a corporate level, our mission statement really sums up who we are as a company and our commitment to nonprofit arts and culture sector.

Our mission is nothing less than disrupting the arts and culture sector to change consumer behavior, expand revenue streams, and transform lives for good.

Our core values guide everything we do as a company. We strive to bring out the best in one another, deliver success to our customers, and inspire the entire industry through our actions.+

  • Customer Success: We’re only as good as our users’ success stories. As such, we design features and functionality to help them reach previously unimaginable goals. The field shouldn’t be paying the price of technology debt driven software designed to replicate outdated practices.
  • Innovation: User input sparks innovation. We have a responsibility to help users confirm what works and provide options that keep them at the forefront of the technology curve. The result is a steady stream of updates that give our users a competitive advantage.
  • Trust: We’re only as good as our last show. We know that healthy long-term relationships are built on transparency, compliance, confidentiality, and performance. Our users trust us to deliver, and we trust them to keep us accountable.
  • Equality: Development isn’t driven by budget size. We believe all our users should be heard, valued, and empowered. Hearing all perspectives ignites innovation and expands connections. It not only makes us a better company, but it also creates a better arts and culture sector.

Visit the Company page to learn more about our approach and our key team members. And be sure to explore the entire site then get in touch so I can learn more about your project.


About Drew McManus

"I hear that every time you show up to work with an orchestra, people get fired." Those were the first words out of an executive's mouth after her board chair introduced us. That executive is now a dear colleague and friend but the day that consulting contract began with her orchestra, she was convinced I was a hatchet-man brought in by the board to clean house.

I understand where the trepidation comes from as a great deal of my consulting and technology provider work for arts organizations involves due diligence, separating fact from fiction, interpreting spin, as well as performance review and oversight. So yes, sometimes that work results in one or two individuals "aggressively embracing career change" but far more often than not, it reinforces and clarifies exactly what works and why.

In short, it doesn't matter if you know where all the bodies are buried if you can't keep your own clients out of the ground, and I'm fortunate enough to say that for more than 15 years, I've done exactly that for groups of all budget size from Qatar to Kathmandu.

For fun, I write a daily blog about the orchestra business, provide a platform for arts insiders to speak their mind, keep track of what people in this business get paid, help write a satirical cartoon about orchestra life, hack the arts, and love a good coffee drink.

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  1. The description for Patron Portal (Patron Portal: Modern tools to plan, execute, and track anything from single campaigns to complex fundraising goals.) seems to be identical to Fundraising. Out of curiosity, does the donations tracking for a patron include options for things like securities donated? I’ve seen some systems that donations with contributed securities aren’t part of the list of donations that are available from web sites.

    • Looks like that dupe was just in the description list here, the website has all of the correct info. As for securities tracking, it would depend on how the donation is set up and logged for reporting inside the system. In short: there are multiple ways for handling something like that and we would review what the organization needs to land on the approach best suited for them.

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