Concert Hall follow Up Richmond (VA) Symphony

Continuing with the series of concert hall follow up articles, I recently touched base with administrators and members of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. I asked David Fisk, the Richmond Symphony’s executive director, what sort of progress they’ve made and what they’ve done to include the musicians in the building process since last November. Regarding the orchestra’s involvement in the design process of their new venue, David said, “We are represented by …

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The Best Reality T.V.Is In San Francisco

Along with several dozen other writers today, my topic will focus on the PBS special “Keeping Score”.  I had seriously considered skipping over the show as a topic but decided against it it was too good to pass over. Unfortunately, I missed a little bit of the first part but what I saw was absolutely fantastic.  Why this isn’t on one of the three commercial networks is beyond me, it certainly …

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Concert Hall Follow Up Dayton Philharmonic

On Monday I published a follow up article about what’s happening at the Nashville Symphony and their new concert hall.  I recently heard from another of the concert hall study orchestras, the Dayton Philharmonic, about what’s been happening there. Dayton was unique in the study in that that they were the only orchestra that has completed their concert hall project; this season was their first in the new home.  Finding out …

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A Bad Idea In Michigan

There’s an article in today’s Detroit Free Press by Frank Provenzano and Mark Stryker about a plan in Michigan to introduce a new tax that would raise and distribute funds to arts groups across the state. According to the article the legislation being introduced by state Sen. Shirley Johnson: ” calls for a 5-percent statewide tax on tickets to college and professional sports and many arts and entertainment events, including rock …

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Size Matters A Follow Up Report

Back in November I published a four part series of articles focusing on a group of orchestras that are in the process of building new concert halls.  One of the points the study concentrated on was how well each orchestra’s management was communicating with and involving the musicians in the design and construction process.  The final article in the study allowed musicians from each orchestra to voice their opinions on this …

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