It's Like Stealing, But Without The Guilt Or Criminal Record

If you use any of the stand alone Adobe products or have the mega-bucks needed to acquire the full blown Creative Master Edition, then you should probably check out the current 40 percent off offer in place for their new Creative Cloud solution. It’s only for existing registered users of individual products and suite editions from CS3 or later but that means if you have something like an old copy of …

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Off On A Mid-Trip Trip

My current work project has developed in such a way as to require a brief trip away from my current location to Italy for a few short days. As such, today is a travel day and my time to blog is limited; however, there should be ample opportunity on the seven hour flights to catch up on topics such as the Columbus Symphony fiasco and Joe’s Golden Parachute in Philadelphia. Speaking …

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NPAC eBook Link

As promised, click here to go to the download page for the free How To Connect With New Media eBook. I had a wonderful time at the session and hope all those in attendance found the session informative and entertaining. I was honored to be a part of such a special session with moderator Monica Reinagel and fellow panelists Lindsay Dreyer, Joshua Kosman, and Dave Urlakis.