Reader Response: SFS “Keeping Score”

A number of readers sent in their thoughts about the San Francisco Symphony’s “Keeping Score” program and everyone had very positive impressions.  However, I did see an odd theme reoccurring through some of the responses. It appears that in a number of PBS markets throughout the country, “Keeping Score” was either not broadcast or aired during late prime time hours.  Here in the Baltimore area, it was aired at June 16th …

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Concert Hall Follow Up KC Symphony: REVISED

To wrap up the series of concert hall follow up articles, I finally have some news about the final orchestra from the original concert hall study Kansas City.   Unfortunately, the KCS management still declined to participate, but fortunately, the musicians were willing to share some of their developments.  Over the past six months there have been some positive developments.  According to one of the orchestra musicians, the musician representatives have met …

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You Can’t Spell Collaboration without “Labor”

Last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article about a dispute between the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra and their board and executive management over the extension of their music director’s contract. Since musician involvement on governance issues is a strong topic here at Adaptistration, I contacted John Koen, a Philadelphia Orchestra cellist and chair of the members committee, to talk to him about the situation. I quickly learned that the …

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A Few Extra Thoughts On “Keeping Score”

I recently published an article on my column at The Partial Observer that goes into some further details of the “Keeping Score” documentary that was featured on PBS last week.  But something that’s been itching at the back of mind since I watched the program is how it’s being billed.  According to the interactive multimedia component of the project: “Keeping score is a major imitative aimed at making classical music more …

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