TAFTO 2006 Contribution – Marc Geelhoed

If you want a preview into the world of mainstream music journalism all you have to do is start reading Marc Geelhoed. Marc is one of the most entertaining, perceptive young cultural writers around today.

Based in Chicago, he consumes a regular well balanced diet of classical music events and has something unique to say about them at his Time Out Chicago column. If that weren’t enough, Marc also maintains a blog aptly named Deceptively Simple which tunes a finely tuned ear to the Chicago arts scene (literally; check out the “overhead” segments, you’ll love them)…

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TAFTO 2006 Contribution – Kevin Giglinto

It’s always refreshing to take a good look at the classical music experience from the eyes of someone who hasn’t been immersed in the genera since birth. To that end, today’s TAFTO contribution comes from Kevin Giglinto, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Kevin’s contribution demonstrates exactly the sort of viewpoint this business needs to consider when designing methods to attract new adult listeners…

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TAFTO 2006 Contribution – Jerry Bowles

Starting off this year’s TAFTO initiative is none other than Jerry Bowles: author and zoo keeper what is arguably known as the largest single online hidey-hole for contemporary composers, Sequenza21. If you’ve ever wondered about what lurks in hearts of contemporary composers, it’s entirely likely that it’s been aired at Sequenza21 in one way or another.

I couldn’t think of any better way to start TAFTO 2006 than with Jerry’s contribution, it’s everything you need to know about how not to make the performing arts contrived. When I read though Jerry’s contribution for the first time I wanted more once I reached the end, which is always the hallmark of a masterpiece…

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