More troubled news coming from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Annual operating debt combined with a questionable instrument collection purchase has conspired to put the NJSO in a position where they have apparently opted for an arts administrator’s version of the Hail Mary pass: a massive withdrawal from their endowment…

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Breaking News From Seattle (updated 3:27 PT)

An article in the 07/14/06 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by R. M. Campbell details some of the results from the recent artistic survey conducted by the Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Organization (SSOPO) artistic advisory committee. According to a previous public statement from the musicians, the survey results were not intended to be released to the public or press, however, the Post-Intelligencer published specific quotes from individual survey results…

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Answering Some Questions About The Seattle Articles

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The articles about the International Guild of Symphony, Opera, & Ballet Musicians (IGSOBM), the Seattle based musicians’ union, generated some good questions from readers this week. One question came from an orchestra patron in Oregon: “Why did the [Seattle Symphony] musicians leave the AFM in the first place?” The answer to this question is rather involved. The simple answer is the Seattle Symphony players’ association was not seeing eye-to-eye with their …

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Catching Up On Some Work

For all of those stopping by for the follow-up article answering questions about the IGSOBM series of articles, I apologize for not having it up today. I had a sudden influx of work yesterday which prevented my finishing up the article. Nevertheless, it will be up tomorrow and the delay will allow me to include an answer to one additional question. In the meantime, my blogging neighbor Andrew Taylor linked to …

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