More troubled news coming from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Annual operating debt combined with a questionable instrument collection purchase has conspired to put the NJSO in a position where they have apparently opted for an arts administrator’s version of the Hail Mary pass: a massive withdrawal from their endowment…

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Breaking News From Seattle (updated 3:27 PT)

An article in the 07/14/06 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by R. M. Campbell details some of the results from the recent artistic survey conducted by the Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Organization (SSOPO) artistic advisory committee. According to a previous public statement from the musicians, the survey results were not intended to be released to the public or press, however, the Post-Intelligencer published specific quotes from individual survey results…

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Answering Some Questions About The Seattle Articles

Adaptistration People 146

The articles about the International Guild of Symphony, Opera, & Ballet Musicians (IGSOBM), the Seattle based musicians’ union, generated some good questions from readers this week. One question came from an orchestra patron in Oregon: “Why did the [Seattle Symphony] musicians leave the AFM in the first place?” The answer to this question is rather involved. The simple answer is the Seattle Symphony players’ association was not seeing eye-to-eye with their …

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