The Latest Link In A Sad Chain Of Abuse

Aren’t we all tired of orchestra related embezzling? There isn’t a year that goes by without a story going public about someone stealing from orchestras or orchestra musicians. Of course, embezzling is worse than what’s reported as most cases are “taken care of” behind closed doors so it’s difficult to accumulate any reliable statistics regarding how much abuse the business endures each year…

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The Dog Days Of Summer

“If you stop every time a dog barks, your road will never end.” This Saudi Arabian Proverb couldn’t have been more applicable this weekend as the Grand Teton Music Festival Saturday evening concert was plagued by relentless outside noise in the form of a barking dog. This wasn’t simply a dog that barked a few times and left, instead, it was a creature that barked at a metronome marking of approximately 100BPM for nearly ten minutes…

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