More Thoughts On Unionism

Monday’s post on unionism garnered some good reader comments. One of them was Galen H. Brown, a composer, contributing editor to Sequenza21, and a member of the New York Philharmonic development department. The topic motivated Galen to not only submit a comment but he authored an article on the topic at his Sequenza21 column…

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Things That Make You Go “Buh?” – California Symphony

It’s barely been two months and I’ve already come across some material for the second installment in the Things That Make You Go "Buh?" series. How would you feel if your local ABC affiliate used the following phrase to define your in-school education program [emphasis added]: "[the program] is the brainchild of maestro Barry Jekowsky who believes it’s about exposure, not excellence."…

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Is Unionization More Of A Positive Or Negative Force In The Business?

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On the surface, orchestra governance is pretty simple: the board of directors is granted the authority to govern all aspects of an orchestra. The only defined parameters they are obliged to follow are those dictated by standard workplace law, nonprofit law, and if their organization uses organized labor, the National Labor Relations Act… One of the conversations I enjoy having with board members is whether or not they view collective representation …

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Even though It’s Dark Humor, You Still Laugh

Sometimes, humor is the best tool to make a point and for those of you that enjoy watching The Colbert Report you probably caught the segment from the July 18, 2006 program where the show’s host, Stephen Colbert, uses the show’s singular form of satire to examine a current case before the NLRB that has the potential to impact the very nature of how orchestras govern themselves…

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