An End To Pretentiousness

The Partial Observer published an article of mine yesterday which examines just how entrenched some exclusionary behaviors are in this business. That’s not to say these behaviors are initiated out of malice, but they exist as hurdles when reaching out to a community nevertheless. Take a moment to read the article and weigh in with your opinions: Is classical music to pretentious? Is that perception off base to begin with? Do …

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Improving The Sustainability Of Classical Music Though System Dynamics

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill Harris, a talented systems dynamics expert based in Seattle, Washington. In 1999 Bill founded Facilitated Systems to “offer collaborative solutions to executives who want strategies and initiatives that are tested before implementation, who want their organizations to work more productively in groups, and who want to build organizations that learn and improve more rapidly from their experiences.” Doesn’t that sound exactly like what he orchestra field needs?

Bill and I have worked together using systems thinking to explore methods to improve the sustainability of the classical music business…

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