It Has Come To Our Attention That The Musicians Are Armed

When you work in this field long enough, you come across opportunities to snag some rare items that document some of the more remarkable occurrences. For example, my wife has a copy of the Richmond (VA) Symphony memo sent to musicians reminding them that firearms are not permitted at services. She keeps a framed copy in the dining room for posterity and it never fails to serve as a great conversation …

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It’s The Little Things

The New Year is already ushering in change; for the blog, there’s a tiny banner in the Adaptistration logo celebrating 10 wonderful years of culture blogging. For work, there’s a new office, a new lifestyle (the carless urbanite), and loads of fabulous new clients. For the field as a whole, there’s the promise of change; both good and bad. If nothing else, 2014 is looking like another year to reinforce Adaptistration’s …

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