Giving Program Pick For January, 2014: You’ve Cott Mail


Byte for byte, you can’t beat You’ve Cott Mail for arts news. It’s a one-two punch of good old fashioned email newsletter and an active Twitter feed that provides a steady stream of theme oriented mailings and topical tweets. Artfully directed by the archetypical arts news hound, not to mention Senior Director of Marketing and Creative Content for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (and three-day-beard aficionado), Thomas Cott, it should be …

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Resolving The Pay Disparity In Minnesota

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Although specific details have yet to be released, media reports have confirmed the new master agreement ratified by the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and its musicians contains a provision to pay substitute musicians 90 percent of the contracted musicians’ base scale rate, thereby requiring subs to shoulder a disproportionately larger share of salary concessions than their contracted colleagues. There has been a great deal of conversation here and throughout social media …

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Don’t Expect Details Anytime Soon

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According to Gwen Pappas, Minnesota Orchestra Association’s (MOA) Director of Public Relations, it may take “several weeks” for the organization’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to be released. Pappas was the first to respond to requests for a copy of the CBA and at the time this post was written, a musician representative has yet to reply. At the same time, follow-up questions to the MOA about whether or not the …

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Questions Surround Minnesota Pay Disparity

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Ever since the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and its musicians announced they reached an agreement, one contractual item is beginning to cause a stir; specifically, the decision by the contracted musicians to accept a provision that reduces substitute musician pay at a greater rate than their own salary concessions. This becomes even more intriguing when you understand how contracted and substitute musicians function within a contemporary symphonic orchestra. The Substitute Musician …

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