Expressing Your Concern To Interlochen

A great number of concerned Interlochen alumni and supporters have written asking me what I think they should do: "Should I write a letter? Should I make phone calls? Should I just keep quiet?"  As a result of those many requests, I have put together a contact list of the Interlochen Trustees and Alumni Council and a template letter to help you get started.

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A Sad Day, The Passing Of Fred Fennell

In the morning of Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 music legend Fred Fennell passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90.  For those who run around exclusively in orchestra circles you may not readily place Fred’s name with his achievements.

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At Interlochen, The Future Isn’t Very Unique

Fellow AJ blogger Andrew Taylor recently wrote an interesting article about how to go about assessing value for "something vague and amorphous" like a weblog.  Andrew goes on to say that arts managers are doing exactly the same thing each and every day for their organizations.

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Words From A Recent Interlochen Camper

Usually, life’s painful lessons take time to learn.  But every now and then someone will come along and see past what they feel and think in the here and now and gaze into the future. Among the flood of email responses I’ve received regarding Interlochen, there was recently a note form David Letvin, a summer camp student from the early 1960’s.  He attached an essay his daughter, a recent camper, wrote as a college …

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