State Of Employment Poll & Review June 29 – July 5

It may be Orchestra Compensation Reports week but that doesn’t mean we’re taking a break from tracking the employment status of orchestra administrators and musicians. Weekly Report Administrators continued to experience steady response ratios. Only a third indicate working or being paid at their regular full time or pat time status while the other third are working at reduced hours and pay. the remaining third have either been furloughed, laid-off, or …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 22 – 28

Results continue to reinforce established trends that see stakeholders just over a quarter of orchestra stakeholders indicate they are still working and/or being paid their regular salary. The remaining majority continue to slowly transition from reduced compensation to some form of uncompensated employment status. Weekly Report For the most part, Administrators experienced steady response ratios. The overall percentage of those indicating they are still being paid at regular full time or …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 15 – 21

After 10 weeks of tracking data, we’re beginning to see administrators and per-service musicians settle into consistent employment status ratios while salaried musicians continue to shift from one week to the next. Currently, approximately 27 percent of respondents across all stakeholder groups indicated they are still working and/or being paid their regular salary. Weekly Report For the third consecutive week, responses from Administrators were steady. There’s a nearly equal division between …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 8 – 14

We’re into our third month of collecting input and with it brings some of the largest shifts in status we’ve seen. Salaried musicians experienced one of the largest shifts while their counterparts in the admin office and musicians at per-service orchestras saw existing trends continue. Weekly Report Responses from Administrators were fairly consistent with last week’s ratios. There was a small drop in the number of respondents indicating they were laid …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 1 – 8

After two months of collecting input, trends continue to emerge as shutdowns continue. This week saw an increase in the ratio of arts admin indicating they have furloughed or laid off and after a few weeks of motion toward higher ratios of per-service musicians indicating they were being paid for some cancelled service, that trend lost ground. Weekly Report Administrators continuing their trend toward a larger ratio working reduced hours/pay and …

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