Brinkmanship On The Rise In Hartford

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The holiday season didn’t seem to have much impact on softening attitudes in the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) labor dispute; if anything, the employer has come out swinging harder than before with a threat to shut down the organization after the end of January, 2016 if musicians do not accept proposed cuts. Although the term “shutting down” may appear to be straightforward, it is an excellent example of just how much …

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A Fascinating, Yet Misguided, Perspective On The Hartford Dispute

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Although there hasn’t been very much along the lines of news to report via the ongoing Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) labor dispute, there is one item worth exploring that might shed some insight into why the situation won’t likely improve regardless the outcome. Although we don’t usually examine op-ed posts, there is one from the 9/18/15 edition of the Hartford Courant that merits an exception. This op-ed piece comes from Ronald …

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Slow Going In Hartford Despite NLRB Ruling

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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the independent federal agency responsible for safeguarding employees’ rights to organize and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers and unions, recently determined that the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) failed to bargain in good faith with its musicians and their union, the Connecticut Valley Federation of Musicians (CVFM), Local 400 of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), when they failed to provide an …

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Heading Toward A Dark Place In Hartford

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The Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) appears to be the latest candidate for a particularly ugly labor dispute. Over the past month, several news outlets have been reporting on a deteriorating situation that appears to be headed toward one of two options: an imposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or a work stoppage. The 7/1/2015 edition of published an article that reports the HSO board recently approved a strategic plan and annual …

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