Name That Anthem

Remember when everyone was up in arms at the past few Olympics over the deplorable rendition of the U.S. National Anthem? Well, it seems that the 2010 Winter games in Vancouver have broken free of that dark cycle by reinstating a more ‘merican version of the National Anthem (IMHO, it’s a little slow but I like it). Frankly, no one out-anthem’s the Chicago Blackhawks version with Jim Cornelison. If you want to have some real anthem related fun, slate magazine published a guess that anthem listening quiz on 2/11/2009, but before you head over, listen to the Blackhawks version below…

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More National Anthem Nonsense At The Olympics

The 8/22/08 edition of the Washington Post published an article by the ever-sharp Philip Kennicott which reports on National Anthem nonsense at the Olympics. The 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece left the world scratching their heads when it came to arrangements for their respective national anthems. In the US, the majority of viewers shared a collective “what was that?” perspective on the Star-Spangled Banner arrangement but it appears that the Chinese Olympic organizers missed out on that fiasco and as a result have allegedly plagiarized a bunch of arrangements that didn’t make much of an impression on most listeners when they premiered four years ago…

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Orchestras In The Olympics

No, this isn’t about synchronized conducting but as I’m watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Beijing, I wonder what part classical music (the Western European variety) will play in this year’s games. I know the Cincinnati Pops is in Beijing to officially take part in planned entertainment events but is anyone aware of any other orchestras who are taking part (regardless of nationality)? Regardless, I’ll be happy with the …

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The American Anthem At The Greek Olympics

I just watched the medal ceremony for Michael Phelps and heard the version of the Star Spangled Banner they’ve decided to use (although I freely admit that I don’t have the first idea about “who” makes this decision). And I have to say that I don’t like the version they’ve selected at all.  As a matter of fact it’s just about the worst version I’ve ever heard.  I don’t make it …

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