“Solving All The Problems Of American Orchestras”

That was one of the opening lines from WRCJ’s Chris Felcyn, host of The Well Tempered Wireless, during the segment from his show last Friday where I had the pleasure to serve as a guest (Chris’ blog). I had a wonderful time on the program, Chris is an excellent host who is very passionate about the business and he asked a number of hard-hitting questions. The audio from that entire segment (24:39) is now available at the WRCJ website or you can listen via the clip below…


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Appearing Live On Detroit’s WRCJ Today

It will be my pleasure today to join WRCJannouncer Chris Felcyn today sometime between 2:30-4:00 ET to discuss the recently concluded American Orchestras Summit in Ann Arbor. In addition to the Summit, I’m certain we’ll chat a bit about the business of orchestras in general as well some issues relevant to Detroit. Local listeners can tune into 90.9 FM or you can listen online here. If possible, I’ll post some audio from the program or link over to something on demand. Chris is an intriguing host and I’m sure it will be a fascinating discussion. Note to Weekly Email Summary Subscribers: this week’s newsletter will go out on Saturday instead of today

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