Reader Response: Fixing What is Broken – part II

I was pleased to recently receive a reader response to a published reader response.  It shows us all when we have a topic that is interesting and communication that is worth continuing.  Canadian born and trained Robert Gloor, Executive Director for Orchestra London, wrote in to share his observations about the positive effects of free concerts and community outreach in response to Robert from DC’s remarks.   In London, Ontario, a …

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Computer Trouble

Just a note to Adaptistration readers: if you attempted to send any email to my account between December 30th – December 31st, it most likely did not reach me.  Please feel free to resend any email as I now have a new computer up and running!

Reader Response: When exclusivity is a bad thing

I’ve received a great deal of responses about this blog and I would like to share two contrasting reader opinions that I feel add to this issue. The first is from Curt Long, the Executive Director for the Dayton Philharmonic and ASOL Management Fellowship Program alumnus.  Curt takes me to task regarding my assertion of League influence over the industry and my assessment of their Management Fellowship Program. On the other hand, …

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