Comparing Orchestra In-School Programs Part II

To continue from where we left off in Part I, this is second half of a comparison of the efficiency and effectiveness of in-school programs from two orchestras: the Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Richmond (VA) Symphony.  In Part I we heard from the education directors of each orchestra and in this part we will hear from orchestra musicians about how they view their programs. Although listening to what the Education Directors …

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Comparing Orchestra In-School Programs

Ok, you hear me verbally beating up on orchestra in-school programs quite a bit in this blog.  However, that doesn’t mean I feel that in-school programs should be completely eliminated.  On the contrary, I believe that in-school programs are a necessary component of a much broader overall education and outreach program. That being said, I apply the same standards of efficiency for these programs as I do for all orchestra initiatives.  …

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The power of blogging

One of my adult piano students tipped me off to a recent episode of Meet the Press, where one of the discussion topics was the effectiveness of blogs in politics.  Although I missed the episode, I did visit the Meet the Press web site and dug up some of their articles about blogging. In particular, there were two good articles:  Business pros flock to Weblogs & Finding support online Here’s a …

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A new audience in Toronto and Nashville

I recently found two orchestras that are actively implementing an idea that I’ve been advocating here for awhile: marketing to the under 30 demographic.  Conventional wisdom in this industry states that it isn’t worthwhile to market toward a demographic that is expensive to attract and notoriously fickle in their tastes.

But I don’t always buy conventional wisdom; I find that all too often it allows an organization to become self satisfied and no longer work to its maximum ability.  In essence, it creates a follower mentality, which in this business results in nothing more than a slow and painful demise.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I received an email the other day from a friend of mine that plays in solid, Midwest orchestra. She was complaining that they recently had an orchestra wide meeting with management where the Marketing Director was promoting a new audience development initiative to the musicians. Essentially, the initiative called for each player to be responsible for bringing in one new subscription sale. Do I have to mention that it didn’t go …

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