Talk is cheap, tickets aren’t

Audience development is a big issue in this industry. Attendance is down, younger patrons are harder to attract, and subscription series are getting increasingly difficult to sell. In addition to all of the cultural, social, and marketing issues involved with this problem, I think a widely overlooked area is the cost of single tickets… Kennedy Center Director, Michael Kaiser coined the phrase “rich white guy” when describing today’s stereotypical orchestra patron, and he’s …

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Reader Response: Orchestra Radio

I have to say that I can always count on my readers to help further my education. Many thanks to reader Herb in Texas for writing in with a pointer to the situation at Seattle’s KING-FM. Herb believes that the radio station is collectively run by the Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera. I have not been able to discover any further details yet. As of Wednesday morning the URL to KING-fm was unavailable and it was too early in Seattle for the Symphony to pick up their phones. However, I’m anxious to learn more about the situation…

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Orchestra Radio

Here’s another idea out of left field: how about an orchestra "owning" a classical music radio station? There’s been much discussion over the past two years about the viability of classical music radio stations in general. In my opinion, I think that’s right on the ball. This is just another situation where a true partnership can become a wonderful symbiotic relationship. The small staff required to run a classical radio station could be easily combined with some of the existing orchestra administration structure…

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A day late and (many) dollars short in Baltimore

I have to rant a little.  Ok, a lot.  I read an article from the 1/4/04 Baltimore Sun by music critic Tim Smith entitled Fine Tuning Its Future.  In the article, Tim outlines what the BSO has planned for its future and how it expects to bring in a new audience through developing an overhauled concert experience. To be fair, I’ll mention the good things first: I’m very happy to see …

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