TAFTO Contribution: Paul Bailey

Musician and composer Paul Bailey helps round out the TAFTO contributions by examining some of classical music’s side roads.  As a musician, Paul has put a good bit of thought into exactly what constitutes a special concert experience is for him and he shares those thoughts about how to come across the magic with his contribution.

Keeping in mind the simplest solution is most likely correct, Paul provides a wealth of sources for helping you increase you’re chances of intersecting live performance "magic".


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TAFTO Reader Responses: Shades Of Sandow

Greg Sandow’s TAFTO contribution certainly garnered some of the most colorful responses of any submission.  What I found most intriguing were the extremes to which people responded, some with appreciation and others with dissatisfaction. Interestingly enough, however, almost all of the submissions had more in common than not; or they did in my opinion at least.  Quite a few of the responses focused on the age based issues of Greg’s contribution …

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Boston’s BIG Endowment

Ok, I’m wrong. I’m not going to take the day off.  I just read through an article by Chicago Tribune music critic, John von Rhein, about the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In the article he examines the current state of the BSO and where it sees itself going in the future.  Make sure you get to the final page of the article where you’ll read about how BSO managing director Mark Volpe …

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TAFTO Contribution: Alex Ross

I’m now convinced that each and every TAFTO contribution provides a wonderfully unique and enriching approach on how to share a classical music experience. Even though I’ve gone through numerous experiences of taking someone to a concert myself, after I read the contributions always I’m excited to go do it all again as soon as possible.

Alex Ross’ contribution stokes that fire again while simultaneously confirming why he’s one of the best cultural writers today.  Having conducted his own private TAFTO program for some time now, his insight is subtle yet profound.  Alex allows you genuinely experience what it’s like to make classical music yours, on your own terms, and without the stereotypical pretense or pomp.

And after all, that’s really what TAFTO is all about; empowering people to feel that classical music can be whatever they want it to be on their own terms. Classical music isn’t some “absolute greatest of art forms” with an obstinate sense of entitlement; it’s what each one of us wants it to be and how each person experiences the music is different from one seat to the next, one performance after another.

Take the time to read Alex’s contribution a few times, send it to your friends, and let it roll over your mind; then go take a friend to a concert this weekend.

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