TAFTO Reader Response: More Than Just Orchestras

Librettist, composer, and economist Garth Trinkl gets around, he divides his time between Washington, D.C., Berkeley, CA, and Lviv, Ukraine.  He resolved to partake in the Take a Friend to Orchestra project but decided that the original scope was a bit too narrow.  As such, he opted out of attending a full orchestra concert and took advantage of some of the fantastic (and less expensive) opportunities in a large metropolitan area …

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TAFTO Contribution: Greg Sandow

As TAFTO glides through its final week, I’m very pleased to see such great contributions still coming in.  Today’s contribution is from music critic, composer, arts consultant, and blogger, Greg Sandow.

On more than a few occasions, issues on Greg’s blog, Sandow, has crossed paths with mine as we tend to consider the same issues from unique perspectives and his TAFTO contribution is no exception.  In true Sandow form, Greg examines what would make a good concert experience by first looking at what might turn people away.  It’s cultural reverse engineering.

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TAFTO Reader Response: Someone Took Me As A Kid

After reading Lisa Hirsch’s TAFTO contribution, Tom Lowderbaugh, felt compelled to share his own experiences when he was a child helped his path cross with classical music. Ms. Hirsch, [I] loved your advice on how to share “classical music” with a young person. Of course, it was just that kind of sharing that opened the world of “classical music” for me. (We really have to find a better name for the music …

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TAFTO Reader Response: My Daughter The Critic

Proving that you don’t have to live by your own words (Take a Kid to the Orchestra), TAFTO contributor Lisa Hirsch decided to take her mother, Naomi Hirsch, to a concert.  So here’s Naomi’s take, My daughter took me to the San Francisco Symphony Richard Strauss concert on Friday evening, May 20. Both orchestral selections were well known to me, so I was free to keep an eye on the musicians. …

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TAFTO Reader Response: Taking A Herd Of Friends

Composer Judd Greenstein is taking TAFTO to heart; he’s taking 40 friends to an upcoming concert on May 29th.  Judd has some very sharp ideas about the audience of the future, take the time to read through Judd’s note, you’ll be glad you did: I don’t know if this counts, but I’m taking about 40 of my friends to the orchestra at the end of the month, when the New York …

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