It’s All About Ambiance

The Partial Observer published an article of mine today which examines some of the shared problems between movie theatres and classical music venues.  The discussion stems from Martha Bayles’ excellent article appearing at Serious Popcorn last week.   Getting people out of their comfy homes, plasma screen televisions, TiVo’s, 100+ channels of television, and DVD’s to make the trek to the concert hall is the real issue facing orchestras who need …

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TAFTO Reader Response: I Took Myself

Joe Patti, theatre manager and host of the always educational blog, Butts In The Seats, decided to take part in TAFTO in an unusual way; he took himself.  In an unusual turn of events, Joe crossed paths with some of the musicians shortly after the concert.  But I won’t spoil the surprise, read all about what happened in Joe’s own words: I really have to congratulate you and tell you how …

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What Sticky Floors And Orchestras Have In Common

Arts Journal weblog neighbor, Martha Bayles, published a great little article the other day about how the atmosphere at a typical Cineplex is one of the predominant factors in the declining attendance figures for that industry.  Says Martha, “[Will] the new “Star Wars” prequel will reverse the overall decline in theater-going. Surely not! Long before we humble consumers figured out that we were not alone in preferring to watch DVDs at …

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TAFTO Contribution: Lynn Sislo

Rounding out this week’s contributions is Lynn Sislo, a classical music enthusiast who also hosts the very popular culture blog, "Reflections in d minor".   It’s easy for people who are intertwined deeply in the creation of live classical music to get overwhelmed by their surroundings.  As such, Lynn’s contribution is refreshing and quite poignant.

Not only does Lynn offer a sincerely unique perception with her contribution, but hands down, she provides all of us some of the best advice offered when it comes to inviting uninitiated friends.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but I’ll tease you with the fact that it’s about misconceptions – make sure you take the time to read down to the third paragraph from the end!

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Reader Response: There Goes Joe

Last week’s article entitled There Goes Joe elicited several very passionate responses from readers.  Although the issue of executive compensation has been examined here before, it’s certainly a subject worth continued discussion. First, was a response from a senior manager at an ICSOM level orchestra who takes issue with what I wrote in that article as well as several other articles which were published over the recent round of contract negotiations. …

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