Looking For Survey Ideas

With 2009 right around the corner, it is time to update Adaptistration’s readership segmentation data by implementing a new survey. Consequently, I would be grateful if anyone out there could pass along any info about similar surveys that were attention grabbers. I’m also curious to know what you think is important and what you’re interested in learning. What sort of demographics and stats do you think are important? How do you …

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Some End Of The Year Humor

Thanks to a long-time reader for sending along this link to an article from the 12/12/2008 edition of The Onion which lampoons the popular multisyllabic managerial jargon. His timing couldn’t have been better as I was just finishing up a quick bid for a client that included some of the very same basic jargon for a grant application they needed to complete. All in all, a great article that reminds everyone that yes, manager-speak can go too far.

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Cultural Confidence And The Madoff Effect

The latest Cultural Confidence update indicates attitudes surrounding the current economic situation as well as the economic outlook among cultural institutions remained mostly unchanged since the last polling cycle. Since polling began, negative outlooks overshadow positive by no less than two to one while those who believe the current economic condition at their organization is “poor” (the lowest available option) has risen steadily. It was interesting that the Bernie Madoff scandal appeared to have little impact on this polling cycle but that situation should still serve as notice to all performing arts organizations that transparency and accountability have never been more important..

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Not A Creature Was Stirring…

It is good see a number of those in the business are taking some time off. According to the quantity and content of automated out-of-office email responses to this week’s Weekly Email Summary, a number of folks are taking not only today but most of next week off. Frankly, I think that’s a good idea, regardless of how well off or dire your respective situation may seem. Proper rest and relaxation …

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The Great Thing About Potential Is Its Resilience

In April, 2007 I published a pair of articles about seven orchestras I felt were in right place at the right time to accomplish truly great things. Occupying the #1 spot on that list was the Las Vegas Philharmonic (LVP) and if you’ve been keeping up with music news this week, you may have noticed the article in the 12/23/08 edition of the Las Vegas Sun by Kristen Peterson which reported …

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