Adaptistration, By The Numbers 2021

As promised, it’s time to take a deep dive into what Google Analytics tells us about the last year. In addition to the 2021 review, I’ve included notes and commentary connected to 2020 data in italics. Audience Number of pages per session went up by 3.73 percent. Overall traffic decreased 7.88 percent. What’s interesting here is there was a clear slide about six weeks after 2020’s pandemic driven layoffs and furloughs …

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Making Tough Decisions For Good Reasons

Yesterday, I made the decision to discontinue offering Venture Event Manager as a standalone plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. Not to be confused with the Venture Platform, the managed website development solution for Arts & Culture organizations, these are just the stand-alone WordPress plugins. While the plugin had good traction and the paid upgrade to the Pro version was clearing a profit, it wasn’t a good enough risk-reward reward given the …

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Hey, Where Did Comments Go?

Back in 2018, I replaced the native WordPress comment functionality with Facebook’s blog comment tool to eliminate anonymous comments and control spam. It worked great until last summer during the national election, when Facebook began making massive changes to their API in response to pressure over their lack of control over disinformation. Since then, the feature has been in steady decline and as of last week, I decided to jettison the …

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Taking A Week Off, But First, Let’s Geek Out On Some Data

For the first time since the pandemic, I’ll be traveling for work so when combined with an already deadline filled week, I decided to play it safe and take the week off. Having said that, if anything big transpires, I’m sure to write something. In the meantime, I’ll step up on posting items of interest at my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds. And yes, I do cherry pick which content goes …

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