Post 4000

Today marks Adaptistration’s 4,000th post and by way of a conservative estimate, that’s approximately 3,330,000 words dedicated (mostly) to the business of orchestras over the course of 15 years. 1,000 articles ago, I published something to help mark the 3,000th post occasion and listed the following five goals I hope to accomplish by the time I decide to retire from blogging: I would be grateful if Adaptistration helps prevent good managers …

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#TrekMusicPodcast Holiday Stretch Challenge

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I would like to believe everyone is taking the full week before Christmas off and you’re home now in a pair of fuzzy slippers indulging in eggnog or sipping a nice glass of wine. But who am I kidding, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in Messiah, Nutcracker, and the obligatory Home for the Holidays pops. Fortunately, I have a fun rabbit hole you can escape into for a bit: the …

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Adaptistration Turns 15


Business is so busy right now that I missed my own blog anniversary. Nonetheless, November 3, 2018 marked Adaptistration’s 15th anniversary. Each year brings something new and wonderful and #15 was no exception. Let’s take a look at what Analytics tell us about this year’s highlights. Audience New readers increased by 9.2 percent. Overall traffic increased by 10.5 percent. Core readership increased 1.56 percent. The average readers spent 25 percent more …

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Balancing Work/Life When Both Of You Work In The Orchestra Field

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If you spend much time in the field, you’ll notice the large number of professionals that have spouses who work inside the business. It’s increasingly common to find musicians married to other musicians, but you’ll also find plenty of managers married to other managers and yes, there are even musicians married to managers. It’s always a double-edged sword when it comes to marrying someone who works in the same field. On …

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Adaptistration Turns 14


Today marks Adaptistration’s 14th anniversary and to help mark the occasion, let’s look at the year’s highlights. Audience New readers increased by 1.8 percent. Overall traffic was down, but that’s not a surprise given the previous year’s record setting traffic from the 2016 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Music Directors After filtering out that article’s traffic, the overall difference was a fraction of a percent. Readers by age groups: 25-34: 22.50 percent of …

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