Taking A Week Off, But First, Let’s Geek Out On Some Data

For the first time since the pandemic, I’ll be traveling for work so when combined with an already deadline filled week, I decided to play it safe and take the week off. Having said that, if anything big transpires, I’m sure to write something. In the meantime, I’ll step up on posting items of interest at my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds. And yes, I do cherry pick which content goes …

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Get Early Access With A Subscription

Tuesdays are working out as a great option for publishing new episodes of Shop Talk but who doesn’t love getting to watch programs early? To that end, for those interested in getting access to episodes a day early, you can become a subscriber at Shop Talk’s YouTube channel. Subscribe Adding subscribers will also open up some features once we reach a point where we introduce some livestream specials.

Adaptistration Turns 16

November 3, 2019 marked Adaptistration’s 16th anniversary. Each year brings something new and wonderful and yes, even unique. Year 16 was no exception so let’s take a look at what Google Analytics tell us about this year’s highlights. Audience Number of pages per session went up by one percent. Overall traffic was nearly even to the previous year, only .04 percent higher. Core readership increased 2.6 percent. Readers by age groups: younger readers …

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Time For Some Updates

Adaptistration People 155

After three delays over the summer, I finally found the time to update my consulting and professional overview sites. The latter only required some minor copy tweaks, but the former was a different story as it had not seen any major updates in about three years. In addition to a complete redesign and new logo, there is a great deal of edited copy and new sections highlighting conference and speaking gigs. …

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Casting An Eye Toward Fall

Adaptistration People 147

A bit of a housekeeping post today. It’s hard to imagine the end of summer is much closer than the start so to that end, I took a step back to see what was in store and there are some nice topics on the horizon. I’ve had a very good exchange with the LA Opera gathering details about their pilot program to put opera into popular media culture. There’s only one …

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