Are You Ready For The Arts Addict?

I hate to give away upcoming events too early but the flood of emails asking about the new blogs set to launch over the next few months have persuaded me to offer up a few more details…

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Sticks and Drones: A New Adaptistration Blog


There’s excitement in the air as today marks the launch of the first of several new blogs here at Adaptistration. Sticks and Drones is all about the world of classical music from the perspective of two conductors, Bill Eddins and Ron Spigelman. If you are hoping the blog will be chocked full of filler such as discussions about whether or not Stokowski’s orchestration of Pictures at an Exhibition is superior to Ravel’s edition and the advances in graphite baton design, you might be disappointed.

Instead, Sticks and Drones is all about providing a public forum for two very insightful musicians who live and work in classical music’s trenches. With the comment throttle thrown wide open, they’ll examine where classical music is, where it needs to go, and the challenges along the way. In due course, Sticks and Drones is the first addition to a growing three-way mirror of cultural conversation designed to provide a comprehensive view on the field of performing arts (more on that at a later date)…

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I’m looking for a cartoonist somewhere out there who is interested in doing an ongoing project here at Adaptistration.  My artistic ability is on par with Harvey Pekar (limited to crude stick figures) so looking for talent elsewhere is the only available option. Requirements Artistic ability and enjoy drawing cartoons, B/W and color You can be a hobbyist, amateur, or professional Knowledge of orchestral concert halls and orchestral instruments a must …

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Adaptistration’s One Year Anniversary

It has been a full year since the inaugural article at Adaptistration was published.  When Adaptistration began I assumed that the only people interested in issues related to orchestra management would be orchestra managers and perhaps some musicians.  Since then, I’ve been very pleased to learn that at least half of Adaptistration’s readers belong to either group.

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Inaugural Blog

As an avid reader of my colleague Andrew Taylor’s blog, The Artful Manager, I would like to start this piece with a quote from one of his writings: “The world doesn’t work the way we thought it did, the way our common knowledge thinks it should, or the way our training prepared us for. Either the world is broken, or our eyes and brains aren’t seeing it right. One, I suggest, …

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