Good News And Bad News In The Cultural Confidence Level

Bad news first: the latest Cultural Confidence update indicates a distinct downturn in the outlook on current economic conditions. The good news is the latest poling cycle indicates that the economic outlook is increasing on the extremes and decreasing in less committed feelings…

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A Word To The Wise?

In case you haven’t checked the headlines out in the past week, you should be aware of the fact that Cleveland Plain Dealer critic, Don Rosenberg, filed a lawsuit against key figures in the Cleveland Orchestra. According to the 12/11/08 edition of the New York Times in an article by Dan Wakin, Rosenberg charged that orchestra officials had waged a “campaign of vilification” against him and that his bosses at the newspaper had caved in to demands that he be ousted…

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The Anti-Joy Of No Internet

The topic I wanted to write about today (the audition process) required some online research but due to a nearly 24 hour internet service outage in my area of Chicago, that wasn’t an option. As such, I’ll have to address that topic toward the middle of next week after I return from some work in Seattle. In an odd sort of silver lining, my interaction with a Comcast customer service manager …

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Encouraging Signs In Virginia

As the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO) awaits a December 17, 2008 decision by their local government over whether or not they will provide emergency financial support in the form of a loan, supporters of the program, such as City of Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim, can draw support from a casual poll initiated by Hampton Roads. The poll asks readers “Should Norfolk provide funds to prevent the symphony from declaring bankruptcy?”…

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How About That, Subsidized Tickets

According to a press release from the Metropolitan Opera, the organization is offering approximately 1,600 $25.00 tickets for weekend performances throughout the remainder of the 2008/09 season. The regular price for these tickets ranges $140.00 to $295.00 and the price difference is being counterbalanced through $3 million in donations from among Board’s 45 managing directors…

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