TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Scott Spiegelberg

Back when I maintained a private teaching studio, I used to love teaching adults but it didn’t take long to identify an odd quirk between how adults and children learn. If a child doesn’t get it he/she assumes it will take more effort before it becomes comfortable. With adults, there was a sense that if they couldn’t’ do it in short order, they must not be able to do it. Consequently, Scott’s TAFTO contribution (along with so much of his blog material) made some strong connections between those observations and how the business traditionally approaches audience development…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Marc van Bree

Adages be damned, sometimes it’s just better to turn molehills into mountains and self described “public relations practitioner” Marc van Bree is no thinker of small thoughts. From his blog to the expanding number of social media related studies and papers, Marc’s mind is always moving in new directions. His TAFTO contribution is no exception and should be of particular interest to orchestra marketing professionals…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Christopher Blair

When it comes to the concert experience, today’s contributor is a key figure in a growing field that shapes the impact of a live concert event experience. Acoustician and conductor Christopher Blair is the new archetype that redefines what Arts and Sciences are all about. His contribution is every bit as enlightening as it is entertaining and it’s practically unthinkable that you’ll walk away without a renewed sense of inspiration…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Elizabeth Lunday

It took about all of five minutes between picking up Elizabeth Lunday’s book, Secret Lives of Great Composers, and determining that that she was going to be at the top of this year’s TAFTO contributor invitee list. So when she agreed to take part in this year’s program, I knew she was going to put together something really special. As a head’s up to every artistic administrator and marketing director: you need to to get in touch with Ms. Lunday ASAP about having her put together program notes for your 2010/11 season. I have a feeling that once word gets out, she’ll have more work than she can handle!…

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Venture Project Update: Building A Smarter Art

Today marks the beginning of The Venture Project’s active analysis period as initial users get in and work with specific Creative Control Engine components. We’re also assembling the review checklist to ensure each individual feature and module is properly designed and incorporated into the final product. It’s gratifying to see everything coming together and it has been equally satisfying to receive the amount of interest inquires from colleagues throughout the arts business. Consequently, I want to extend a sincere invitation to all arts consultants and other arts technology professionals to get in touch and learn more about how Venture can help you work with clients and add value to your service…

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