Things That Make You Go Buh!?! CNBC

It’s been a full two weeks since I’ve been able to blog about anything and over that time, I’ve been building up one doozy of a rant. In this instance, the seemingly willful lack of journalistic integrity from CNBC, the self anointed “world leader in business news” is at fault. It isn’t often that the business behind art makes it to television news so I was initially enthusiastic to see CNBC’s report on the economics of opera. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for enthusiasm to degrade into disgust…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Lynn Harrell

I couldn’t think a better way to round out this year’s Take a Friend to the Orchestra program. Renowned cellist Lynn Harrell‘s contribution is a touching final passage to an already wonderful series. It serves as a strong reminder that amidst growing conversations questioning classical music’s ideal role in society the one thing that shouldn’t get lost is the power of artistry. Regardless of whether it’s shared with friends, family, or colleagues it brings us together in ways no other art form is capable…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Brian Wise

Why limit TAFTO to friends? Why not Take A Date to the Orchestra (TADTO) or perhaps Take More-Than-a-Friend to the Orchestra (TMTAFTO?). Freelance music journalist and WNYC Radio producer Brian Wise was wondering the same thing and being the proactive producer-type of guy that he is, decided to do something about it. His results are infinitely better than reality television and chocked full of useful feedback to the question “What steps could an orchestra take to reach the culturally curious young couple who might otherwise choose a museum as a date venue?”…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Chris Felcyn

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Felcyn, producer and program host for Detroit’s WRCJ-FM, 90.9, for the first time only a few months ago. Although we had a great on-air conversation, it was heartening to learn during our off-air chats about his efforts over the years to promote classical music. Chris enthusiastically jumped into the role of TAFTO contributor by putting together three stand-alone audio contributions that feature Chris interacting with concert-goer newbies. Honest and entertaining feedback abounds in each segment (I hope the DSO marketing department is listening)…

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TAFTO 2010 Contribution: Roger Bourland

Composer, professor, Chair of the UCLA Department of Music, music publisher, and blogger Roger Bourland is a polymathic kind of guy. It’s tough to describe Roger’s contribution but suffice to say, it is undoubtedly a representative example of engaging creativity. If you’re like me, you’ll love it and wonder if the technology exists to crawl around Roger’s mind for an hour just to have a glimpse of what it’s like to experience a live concert event with friends real or imagined…

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