Venture Project Update: Big Love For Design

I have big love for logos, typography, and pretty much all things related to identity design. I could lose weeks, nay months, of time trolling through the pages of Logo Designer Blog, I love Typography, Just Creative Design, or any of the other wonderful bookmarks that clog my Firefox toolbar folders. It should come as no surprise then that some of the most enjoyable aspects of Venture are related to these components and I have some updates to share…

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Aspen’s Day Of Reckoning?

Unless plans change, members of the faculty, staff, and board of directors of the Aspen Music Festival will conduct a vote of no confidence in president and CEO Alan Fletcher. From a governance perspective, the vote is not actionable in the sense that the board must adopt any course of action based on the outcome. As such, it carries more weight as a political tool and to provide an official forum for board members to entertain stakeholder feedback…

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Yeah, You Need This: How To Evaluate Social Media

Marc (the Social Media Guy) van Bree has just about finished up a multi-part series of posts about how classical music institutions can appropriately evaluate social media efforts. For most groups, social media continues to be a tricky tool to wield and an even more difficult tool to measure. Fortunately, van Bree provides an enormously useful guide based on material from Are We There Yet? by The Communications Network. Marketing and PR professionals will need to set aside some time to digest all of the content, but you’ll be glad you made time…

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I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin With This

We all know products have to be advertised but this video spot for Depend undergarments titled “Orchestra” is utterly ridiculous. Try to set aside the annoying inaccuracies such as pulling open the curtain on the downbeat and the “conductor” that isn’t conducting with the beat and just pretend not to notice the “magic wand” reference (note to self: don’t hire copy writers who wear Harry Potter t-shirts to the office). Sadly, those are the advertisement’s highlights but enough words, just watch the video…

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How Satisfied Are You With Your Ticketing Software?

Thanks to Joe Patti over at Butts In The Seats for posting a link on 4/6/2010 to the Center for Arts Management and Technology’s Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey report (pdf). It is filled with an enormous amount of useful data by way of a comprehensive cross-section of arts orgs and ticketing software platforms in the study. Of particular interest are the sections devoted to identifying ticketing needs…

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