2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Concertmasters

Compensation Reports Concertmasters

Although the average concertmaster in the list of those reported experienced an average increase of 3.69 percent, that figure was skewed a bit by a handful of very large increases among a few of the top earners. For example, The New York Philharmonic’s concertmaster went from earning a reported $517,432 in the 2010/11 season to $654,679 in 2011/12; likewise, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra’s concertmaster went from $507,063 in 2010/11 to $560,010 …

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2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Music Directors

Compensation Reports Music Directors

For the average music director, the 2011/12 season was a good year financially and from a historical perspective, it was the first time that average annual compensation broke the half-million threshold ($517,649 to be precise). Although a few high profile positions left vacant brought the average increase down from previous seasons, most music directors saw their earnings increase by at least 2.46 percent. The Data In order to provide information that …

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2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Executives

Compensation Reports Executives

By many measures, at least non-artistically speaking, the 2011/12 season was one many within the field were happy to put behind them. Labor disputes in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Louisville were beginning to settle down but in Minnesota, the mother of all disputes (so far) was just getting under way with additional nastiness in store at Atlanta, Indianapolis, and St. Paul. Nonetheless, it was a great year for overall executive compensation with the average …

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2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Introduction

compensation reports icon intro

Much like the 2013 reports, this year’s compensation reports are all about context. For instance, the data covers compensation for the 2011/12 season, which managed to increase the amount of already record breaking austerity driven conflict between stakeholders. Brush fires turned into firestorms but in a turn that might be best characterized as puzzling, average compensation for each stakeholder group increased, with increases among the executive class outpacing other stakeholders by …

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Promote That Man!


I received an intriguing email in response to yesterday’s post about artist promotion; in particular, the reader was confused about the nature of the relationship between artist and manager as it applies to marketing. Who is responsible for creating the “official” online resource for a soloist, the manager or the artist? I’ve seen pages at artist management sites that have content to download like bios and pictures but I have also …

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