Who Knew Genealogy Was The Gateway To Community Relevance For The Arts


Joe Patti just came back from his vacation to Germany and like most arts administrators, he apparently had a difficult time turning off the arts management gears. But that’s good news for us as Patti used his time originally designed for genealogy research to share some realizations in an article at Butts In The Seats about the way different societies afford cultural relevance as a byproduct of land use policy. In …

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If The Met’s Overgrown, It’s Not Labor’s Fault

A little off the top

Conductor Bill Eddins posted an intriguing article at Sticks And Drones on 7/15/2014 titled Dear Mr. Gelb… that examines the notion of The Met’s claims of being too big for its own good from a very different perspective. I won’t spoil it for you but Eddins has no problem pointing a finger squarely at the institution’s leadership. What makes the post interesting is Eddins’ approach of using narrative example as opposed to …

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Likelihood To Donate Poll

Yesterday’s post examining the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) policy to obfuscate their music director compensation generated a great deal of intriguing discussion throughout social media. It was fascinating to wade through the different discussions, several of which focused on the impact something like this might have on a donor’s decision to support an organization. To that end, I’m curious to know what you think. Take a moment and approach the following …

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The Death Of Ethics


Last week’s orchestra compensation reports produced one of the most troubling instances in its nearly decade long history by way of discovering the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) implemented a policy designed to obfuscate their music director compensation. Moreover, when asked about the compensation data, the DSO refused to release the information, even though their music director provided his employer with permission to do exactly that. For the sake of perspective, the …

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2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: The Big Picture

Compensation Reports The Big Picture

New for the 2014 Orchestra Compensation Review is the Big Picture overview of all stakeholder compensation. For the past two years, this has been one of the most requested features and I’m happy to provide it as part of this year’s reports. Consequently, in order to make room for all of the data, this post has to be published in a full page layout; it’s just that big… 13 Year Trends …

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