Who Knew Genealogy Was The Gateway To Community Relevance For The Arts

ADAPTISTRATION-GUY-046aJoe Patti just came back from his vacation to Germany and like most arts administrators, he apparently had a difficult time turning off the arts management gears. But that’s good news for us as Patti used his time originally designed for genealogy research to share some realizations in an article at Butts In The Seats about the way different societies afford cultural relevance as a byproduct of land use policy.

In a moment of insight, I wondered if this basic difference between being forced to live together in Germany versus being forced to live apart in the U.S. may have been a major factor in the differences that developed in the way each country experiences and views their relationship with the arts. Can land use policy be as, if not more, important than education and direct funding when it comes to participation in the arts?

Wonks and wonkettes alike will dig the journey Patti takes to reach that point in his post so do yourself a favor today and treat your brain to something juicy.

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Who Knew Genealogy Was The Gateway To Community Relevance For The Arts