Is US Domestic Economic Policy To Blame For Lower Corporate Sponsorships?

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There’s a fascinating article by Phillip Longman in the 11/28/2015 edition of The Atlantic that examines the impact of increasingly relaxed US economic policies on per capita income. At more than 6,000 words, this is not a quick read but that doesn’t make it any less engaging and the part that intersects with the orchestra field is when the author begins examining the impact of cities after losing corporate headquarters in …

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Quality Culture Offerings Is Deal-Breaker For Wall Street Journal’s Best Place To Retire

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by Nancy Henderson, Best Places to Retire: Chattanooga Blends Culture and the Outdoors, on 11/29/2015 that reports the best city in the US to retire is Chattanooga, TN; but the real story, for the orchestra field at least, is how much influence cultural offerings contributed to that conclusion. The article begins with excerpts from an interview with retired Metropolitan Opera Orchestra musician Douglas …

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