Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging and I hope everyone will be able to set aside time to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you haven’t yet completed the 2019 Reader Survey, please take a moment. Submissions will be entered into a sweet giveaway for one reader submission chosen at random: a complete set of all 17 Arts Admin Merit Badges. Complete The Survey …

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ACTION ALERT: Don’t Let .ORG Registry Be Sold To A Private Equity Firm #SaveDotOrg

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Everyone in this field is likely aware of how important the .ORG domain extension is to nonprofits. And for nearly two decades, decisions regarding how .ORG registrations and renewals are handled have been the purview of the Internet Society (ISOC). This organization is responsible for policy decisions such as registration fees, suspensions, and rights protections. A recent action alert from NTEN highlights a plan by ISOC to sell off the Public …

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Who Are You? 2019

It’s time for Adaptistration’s reader segmentation survey.  The results help enhance what I learn from Google Analytics by providing more information about who you are and what you find most engaging. All of this is to say these surveys are enormously helpful in guiding Adaptistration’s content and overall direction. In order to facilitate participation, I’m including a juicy giveaway for one reader submission chosen at random: a complete set of all 17 Arts …

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Best-Laid Plans

Ideally, today’s post was supposed to be a reader survey but when I went looking for the survey I created earlier in the day, it appears to be the victim of #SaveFail. As such, it will go out next Monday but I can at least share the incentive give-away that comes along with all of Adaptistration’s reader surveys. This one will be a complete set of all 17 Arts Admin Merit …

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Take Care Of Yourself Before You Help Others

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I’ve been saying for more than two decades now that one of the primary elements that needs to change in this field before it can reach the level of success it desires is improving stakeholder satisfaction. In order to give patrons something worth coming back for, the people who provide it should become an institution’s highest priority. And for clarity, I mean the entire organization, on stage and off. Holly Mulcahy …

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