State of Employment Review, Week 2

After tracking two weeks of responses from orchestra managers and musicians about their employment status during coronavirus shutdowns, one thing is clear: per-service musicians are bearing the brunt of economic pain. Based on responses, none of the individuals identifying as per-service musicians indicated they haven’t lost any income to cancelled services. Instead, the majority, 60 percent, indicated they are not receiving any pay for any cancelled services while 38 percent indicated …

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State Of Employment Poll April 13 – 19

Since the onset of coronavirus related shutdowns, orchestras have been laying off and reducing hours for administrators and musicians alike. This weekly poll is designed to help provide a snapshot of stakeholder employment status. For staffers and managers, the questions are straightforward. Music directors (employee or independent contractor status) and staff conductor positions should respond as an administrator. For musicians, questions are specialized for salary and per-service level musicians. While there …

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State Of Employment Poll Results And Ongoing Tracking

At the time this was written, the State of Employment poll from earlier this week asking orchestra administrators and musicians about their work status following the onset of coronavirus related shutdowns has generated more than 150 responses. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to respond and thanks to that sample size, this will become a weekly effort until things normalize. The poll will allow respondents to reply once per …

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State Of Employment Poll April 6 – 12

While it’s a sensitive topic, we all know performing arts orgs have been laying off and reducing hours for arts admins and musicians. What I’m not seeing is very much data about where things are from week to week and while I’m not able to set up a scientific poll right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a sense of where things are. To that end, I put together a …

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