Diversity & Equity

In light of recent news, I want to post this podcast episode featuring Ruby Lopez Harper, Americans for the Arts Senior Director of Local Arts Advancement, and Dr. Brea M. Heidelberg, Associate Professor & the Director of the Entertainment & Arts Management program at Drexel University. These two dynamic and candid guests produced one of the best conversations around about equity and arts orgs. Equity and Diversity article archive.

Something Else To Consider In The Larger Oberlin PR Crisis

Diversity driven PR crises seem to be all the rage these days. Just when you thought things were settling down following the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields’ “white art audience” fiasco, something new pops up from Oberlin Conservatory. In case you missed it, here are the highlights: Oberlin Conservatory designed a flier for “A Celebration of Black Artistry,” a virtual performance ending Black History Month that included headshots for five of …

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Have You Added Pronouns To Your Zoom Display Name (spoiler: it’s really easy)

Displaying your pronouns alongside your name in Zoom meetings is a great way to normalize pronoun sharing and is a positive step toward improved inclusion. Compared to other virtual meeting platforms, Zoom makes is so easy, there’s no excuse to wait. Seriously, make this your “can’t stop until this is done” task today. In order to make this as easy as possible, I published an article with step by step instructions …

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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times: Board Recruitment In The Age Of COVID

Recruiting board members is a big enough challenge even when all things are equal. During a pandemic, it’s exponentially more challenging. If that weren’t enough, you can layer in all the equity and diversity considerations that keep nipping at the heels of performing arts orgs that they’ve been politely eyeing, but avoiding, for years. But I genuinely do believe this is a best of times scenario. Control and power sharing have …

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You Can’t Spell Classical Music Without Classism

The latest entry in the realm of meaningful conversation about diversity in classical music comes from Robert Jackson Wood in the 12/10/2020 edition of The New Republic. Wood takes a different view on the topic by taking aim at those who help influence the discussion: critics (and by extension, media outlets). This is an absolute must-read (h/t Bill Eddins) and the author does a terrific job at adding a great deal …

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