Are You Aware Of The Women Composer Database Project?

Women Composers Project

On 3/16/2012, composer and arts administrator Rob Deemer wrote an article for NewMusicBox that included a list of women composers. His motivation was rooted in discussions from that time about women composers and since then, that simple list has grown into a full-fledged database project. I contacted Deemer to learn more about how the project started and where it’s going. “In my original NMBx article, I wrote ‘Having been the positions …

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Some Good News About Outreach And Diversity Out Of Baltimore

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The 6/28/2016 edition of the Baltimore Sun published an article by Mary Carole McCauley that reports on a $1.2 million gift from Mark and Patricia Joseph which will be used to increase accessibility to existing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) education efforts for students from low income schools. The gift is very straightforward in that the funds will be used to offset the $10 per student ticket price and related transportation costs. According …

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Recent News On Diversity And The Arts

Kudos to Joe Patti over at Butts In The Seats for posting a terrific article on 2/27/2012 that examines some recent events in Oregon about changes in state arts funding that would connect funding to diversity levels among an organization’s board and staff (office and artists).

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The Key To Diversity Is Ownership

Over the last few weeks, there’s been an ongoing examination and discussion here at Adaptistration about some attitudes which are becoming all too common among the board membership and administrators in the orchestra industry; mainly the lack of diversity at the board level and the seemingly willful neglect of cultivating an ethnically diverse patron base.

Adaptistration reader and musician Jerome Harris recently sought out ideas from his fellow 1973 Harvard alumni regarding methods for orchestra outreach to minority groups. He received a number of excellent responses, one of which came from Anthony Cromwell Hill, a filmmaker and writer who lives on Martha’s Vineyard.  He keeps his hand in on mainland America as vice president of the board of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and has served as vice president of the Boston Lyric Opera.

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