Baltimore Decides To Do Away With the Safety Net

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Back in November, we examined some of the contentious negotiation points in the ongoing negotiations between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and its musicians. Fast forward a few months and according to a 1/15/2019 press statement from the musicians, not much has changed. The only exception being the employer has decided not to extend the written play-and-talk agreement, which extended the terms of the previous agreement for four months. According to …

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Another Sexual Misconduct Related Suspension, This Time In Baltimore

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The 11/9/2018 edition of the Baltimore Sun published an article by Sarah Meehan that reports the decision by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) to suspend their concertmaster, Jonathan Carney, for what the orchestra defined as “inappropriate behavior.” The alleged incident that led to Carney’s suspension occurred at the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra where the victim accused Carney of verbally attacking her. As a result, a district court granted a temporary peace order …

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Things Are Getting Tense In Baltimore

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The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO) collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with its musicians expired September 9, 2018 and it appears things are headed in a dark direction as negotiations have official gone public in the form of two musician press releases from 10/29/18 and 11/01/18*. The latter press release contained the musicians’ summary of the employer’s current offer: Reduction in weeks from 52 to 40. 17 percent deduction in salary. An undefined …

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Negotiation Update 2016

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Most professional orchestra collective bargaining agreements expire during the summer months and since the economic downturn, it is increasingly common to see groups continue negotiating past the current agreement’s expiration date. A decade ago, that used be cause for alarm but in today’s environment, it is practically standard operating procedure assuming groups don’t manage to wrap things up months in advance. Last season witnessed nearly a dozen middle to large budget …

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Is It Possible To Manage A Large Budget Orchestra Using Mostly Consultants?

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It certainly isn’t unheard of for larger budget orchestras to hire consultants for everything from temporarily filling staff holes to serving as the architect for marketing or development campaigns but relying on third party providers for the majority of admin functionality is decidedly not the norm. Nonetheless, that’s where the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is headed so if you’ve ever been curious about how that might work out, you may have …

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