The Latest In Actions And Consequences

The 8/3/21 edition of The Baltimore Sun published an article by Mary Carole McCauley that reports on the orchestra’s decision to dismiss Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) principal flutist Emily Skala. This situation appears to be one of those rare instances where a musician employee is dismissed for non-artistic reasons. Skala has made headlines a few times over the pandemic as a result of her decisions to speak out on social media …

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2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Music Directors

For the average music director, the 2012/13 season was a good year financially; although a few high profile positions remained vacant that season, such as Boston and Philadelphia, brought the average increase lower than it would have been otherwise, most music directors saw their earnings increase by 3.43 percent. The Information In order to provide information that is as accurate as possible, info from the 2012/13 season is gathered from the following sources: …

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Spokane Settles

It appears that the Spokane Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and its musicians reached an agreement thereby ending a month long strike. Details are slim; the SSO press statement and the musicians’ website announced that a deal was struck but neither sources provide data. However, the 12/5/2012 edition of The Spokesman-Review published an article by Chelsea Bannach that reports the agreement will last for two years and includes an 11 percent reduction in …

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Big Cancellations In Minneapolis And Spokane Strikes

It was an eventful weekend for the Season of Discontent; in Minnesota, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) board cancelled all concert activity through the end of 2012 and the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution urging the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and its musician employees to resume talks and discouraged using a lockout to settle the dispute. In Spokane, the musicians elect to go on strike following the decision of the Spokane Symphony Orchestra (SSO) board to impose their last, best, and final offer.

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Time To Stir The Pot

Today may only be Tuesday but it’s already been an eventful week. We had a second lockout in one city, an imposed contract, and <gasp> a three year agreement that contains nothing but (albeit) mild increases. Oh, and an official contract extension through January 2013 (it’s like a super sized play and talk). Apparently, It’s Orchestra Season In Minneapolis Although the field has seen it coming for weeks, the St. Paul …

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