It Looks Like Nashville Came To Its Senses

Statements from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) board and musicians indicate that both sides have reached a tentative agreement pending musician ratification. Since the musicians are still officially off for the summer, it is likely that they may wait until next week before conducting a ratification vote and if they have provisions for remote voting, that may add a few additional days to the process. But reports from individuals close to …

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Is $71,000 Enough To Matter In Minnesota?


For those unaware, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) just wrapped up their 99th convention in Las Vegas, NV and in what has become a reliable standard, Milwaukee Symphony Principal Violist and President of AFM Local 8, Robert Levine, has been in attendance and blogging away with his observations. Most of it is a routine grinding of the gears but things apparently picked up on 7/24/13 in what Levine describes as …

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To Withhold Or Not To Withhold

There’s a fascinating discussion underway in the comment thread from the 7/19/13 article about the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Specifically, there’s a good bit of back and forth on the issue of whether or not patrons who are still angry and hurt over a lockout that ultimately gutted the musician roster and produced little to no change in leadership should begin to once again support the institution with ticket purchases and …

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Spin In St. Paul

Grinding The Gears

Just a short post today thanks to a longer than expected day of travel getting back to Chicago. Take some time today to stop by the article from Euan Kerr in the 7/16/13 edition of Minnesota Public Radio where he examines the mass turnover in musicians at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO). There is no way an orchestra can lose that many musicians and not endure a profound change in …

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It Looks Like A Deal, Smells Like A Deal, But…


It appears that the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) is going to pick up the shards of what’s left from the 2012/13 season. On 4/29/2013, the musicians ratified a new collective bargaining agreement but there continues to be very little love between stakeholders. The musicians came out swinging by paring the ratification announcement with a demand that the SPCO board to replace current president Dobson West and begin growing revenue. [the …

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