Still Advising Wait And See For St. Paul

Given the news reports over the past few days, it is certainly understandable that one might think the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s (SPCO) extended work stoppage came to an end. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and given some of the outstanding variables involved, there is still room for the potential deal to dissolve. Although most of the news reports are spinning sunshine, two excellent articles that acknowledge the very real issues …

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I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

The word deadline gets tossed around a lot during contract negotiations and yes, a certain degree of brinkmanship is expected when things are dark but it really is time for stakeholders to being demonstrating a higher degree of respect for one another by honoring a deadline. Case in point, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) board of directors has been tossing around a season cancellation deadline of Monday, 4/8/2013, at 5:00pm …

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More Cancellations for St. Paul Chamber Orchestra


The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) announced additional concert cancellations in the wake of the prolonged work stoppage that has obliterated more than four months of concerts and events. The SPCO has officially called off all engagements for the next six and half weeks through April 21, 2013. Statements from the SPCO and the musicians following the announcement couldn’t be more diverse. According to the 3/5/2013 edition of the Pioneer Press …

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Death And Transfiguration

Two items of note to point out today; first up is an article by Matthew Klein in 1/12/2013 edition of The Economist which provides an overview of some of the fiscal hot spots in the field right now. Next up is an article by Zachary Lewis published in the 1/19/2013 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer which examines the Cleveland Orchestra’s recent growth in ticket sales for children and students. Lewis’ …

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