Colorado Springs Philharmonic Decided To Follow The Path of Louisville, c. 2011

In 2011, the Louisville Orchestra had the dubious distinction of becoming the first professional US orchestra to attempt to cancel the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and replace those employees with replacement musicians. It didn’t end well. The orchestra’s executive leadership took a beating in the court of public opinion and the dismissed musicians and their union colleagues across the country managed to hold firm. Along with their supporters, they managed to …

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Ending The Week On A High Note

Adaptistration People 147

Not too long ago, you could accurately describe the Louisville Orchestra as beleaguered or embattled, but things are starting to look up in the wake of new three-year agreement. Full terms have yet to be released but base musician salary will increase five percent in the first year and three percent during years two and three. Likewise, the orchestra will expand their season from 33 weeks to 34 starting in the …

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2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Music Directors

For the average music director, the 2012/13 season was a good year financially; although a few high profile positions remained vacant that season, such as Boston and Philadelphia, brought the average increase lower than it would have been otherwise, most music directors saw their earnings increase by 3.43 percent. The Information In order to provide information that is as accurate as possible, info from the 2012/13 season is gathered from the following sources: …

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Louisville Begins Patching The Gaps

The 1/28/2013 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published an article by Elizabeth Kramer that reports the Louisville Orchestra has named David Hyslop to serve as interim chief executive officer. There’s no mention of whether or not Hyslop’s contract is for any specific length of time or whether or not he’ll be performing the bulk of his duties remotely from his home in Minnesota or moving to Louisville to work full time …

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Leadership Turnover In Louisville

The 1/13/2013 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published an article by Grace Schneider which reports two key leadership position changes at the Louisville Orchestral. CEO Robert Birman will be leaving his position February 1, 2013 and board president-elect Bill Lamb resigned from his position last week. Birman was at the center of a prolonged and particularly ugly labor dispute distinguished by the first ever attempt by a professional US orchestra to …

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