Here’s Hoping We See A Connection Between Words And Actions

Newly minted League of American Orchestras President and CEO, Simon Woods, published a commentary piece at Medium that spells out his thoughts on issues the field should be prioritizing. By and large, it’s a good read. He hits several strong topics squarely on the nose that a few years ago, were actively avoided such as racial equality and elitism. The only items missing from his list that ranks alongside racial equality …

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The Latest Data Breach

You may have received a data breach notice from an arts organization that uses Blackbaud products. Long story short, Blackbaud was the target of a ransomware attack where the criminals managed to make off with some user data. The League of American Orchestras notified individuals in their database who may have had Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compromised. According to that email message, this included information “such as your physical and email addresses, …

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It’s Time For The League Conference And you Know What That Means…

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If you’re in Detroit for the 2017 League of American Orchestras conference, I hope you took the time to update your resume! Sure, the League conference is all about constituency meetings, plenary sessions, and panels but there’s no denying that at its heart, it’s a giant job fair. Consequently, it’s never a surprise to see a sharp uptick in listing frequency at Adaptistration Jobs in advance of each annual conference. There …

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“Crudely Worded Criticism” Brings Court Case To A Close (for now)

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It has been just over eight months since we last examined the court battle between the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) and their former principal oboist, Pierre Roy. After losing an arbitration over his dismissal, Roy sought to overturn the decision in federal court but according to an article by Dan Herbeck in the 2/16/2016 edition of the The Buffalo News, the judge refused to overturn the decision.

Service Organizations And Principles

There’s a fascinating article by Lee Rosenbaum in the 3/27/2014 edition of her CultureGrrl column where she discusses the decision by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) to denounce one of their members for selling off key items from their collection in order to pay for debts and build the endowment. According to Rosenbaum, the decision was prompted because the museum in question, the Delaware Art Museum (DAM), violated an AAM …

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