Andrew Adler Couldn’t Be More Right

The 6/27/2010 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published a commentary piece by music critic Andrew Adler where the author shares a frank response to the sort of discussions that have been permeating the business. In particular, the recent keynote topics at the latest League conference in Atlanta. It’s (unfortunately) becoming increasingly rare to see candor like Adler’s in traditional media, but the upside is this piece serves as a clear reality check in an otherwise unchecked process…

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Save The Revolution, We Need Reformation

With the League conference in full swing this week behind the theme of Orchestra R/Evoluiton, it seems much of the discussion is focused outward: what orchestras mean to their communities, new business models, etc. It’s fun to take part in visioning exercises but those are best left for times of economic stability and growth. What should be taking place is talk about Reformation, how those entrusted with governance and administration can adapt to do more during a time of less…

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“An Illegal Lockout” In Charleston

According to a representative speaking on behalf of the Players Association of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra (PACSO) the official position of the musicians and its union, Coastal Carolina Association of Professional Musicians Local 502, have stated that they consider the Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) decision to suspend operations “an illegal lockout and we are pursuing it to the fullest extent of the law.”…

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