It’s Time For The League Conference And you Know What That Means…

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If you’re in Detroit for the 2017 League of American Orchestras conference, I hope you took the time to update your resume! Sure, the League conference is all about constituency meetings, plenary sessions, and panels but there’s no denying that at its heart, it’s a giant job fair. Consequently, it’s never a surprise to see a sharp uptick in listing frequency at Adaptistration Jobs in advance of each annual conference. There …

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Do Your Job Descriptions Make Unicorns Weep Tears Of Joy?

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Vu Le has many, many bones to pick when it comes to the finer points of nonprofit admin job descriptions. He’s been focusing on specific items over the past few years at Nonprofit AF (formerly Nonprofit With Balls), but he recently packed everything together in a single post that includes some new, and highly useful, guidelines. Le includes a paragraph or two to elaborate on each point so by all means, …

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You Mean I Can Get Paid To Be On Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram?

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There have been several interesting listings posted at Adaptistration Jobs recently and one that stands out is a full-time position (with benefits!) for a Social Media Coordinator at Town Hall Seattle. It’s good to see arts organizations not only but embrace these positions as an integral part of successful marketing performance. In full disclosure mode, Town Hall Seattle is a client of mine but I can say with no reservations everyone …

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Time To Roll Out Some Big Updates

You’ll never get anywhere by standing still so to that end, I’m happy to announce some big improvements at both the main blog and Adaptistration Jobs. Let’s take a look at what’s new: an integrated payment gateway and Facebook powered comments. Integrated Payment Gateway We recently upgraded our payment gateway to include an integrated system that allows users to make credit card payments without needing to leave the site. At Adaptistration Jobs, …

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What A Difference One Little Change Can Make

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Back in February, I introduced a new version of the featured listing upgrade at Adaptistration Jobs (details) and since then, the number of employers taking advantage of that option has increased ten-fold! The response has been so positive that I’m happy to say that I have another usability upgrade in the works in the form of an integrated payment gateway. Once everything is in place, it will reduce the payment process …

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