Value Of Recording Poll Results

The 132 responses to the Value of Orchestra Recordings poll from 3/10/2009 produced some intriguing results, my sincere thanks to all who took the time to vote and/or submit a comment. Although far from conclusive, the responses demonstrate that most respondents tend to feel orchestra recordings have the most potential as a less than substantial revenue stream…

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Is There Value In Recordings?

The Oregonian’s classical music critic, David Stabler, posted a fascinating rant on 3/5/2009 about orchestras, musicians, and recording rules. As it turns out, David’s post inspired some readers to send in some intriguing email messages about that blog post which grew into an interesting exchange about the value of orchestra recordings in the new economy (or if you watch CNN, what appears to be the fall of capitalism). Back in July, 2008 I posted an article which touches on this very subject but never really followed up on it as I should have…

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Using The “R” Word in Milwaukee

Adaptistration People 120

“R” for recording that is. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has become one of a handful of orchestras across the country to kick a new digital recording distribution initiative into high gear. How did they manage to do what no other orchestras have done so far… If you believe everything you read in the press from a number of orchestra managers about recording it would appear that the union has thrown up …

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